Data Digest: Research Reveals New Content Marketing Trends

YouTube - Millennials Guide to the Galaxy

You can learn a lot about someone based on what they watch. Which is why a team at Google dug a bit deeper into the world of YouTube, a platform that 1.5 billion people visit each month. They hosted viewing parties, carried out surveys and dug into audience behaviours and habits. 

As well as using YouTube as a source of entertainment, millennials are also using it to navigate their way through adulthood. In fact, they found that 93% of millennials go to YouTube to learn how to do something. Top tips to master that winged eyeliner, how to start your own micro-herb garden, instructions for building that Ikea flatpack to learning how to master the law of attraction – YouTube knows. 

In relation to this, they also discovered that of the millennial dads they studied, 86% of them turn to YouTube for guidance on parenting tips. Next time you’re looking for platforms to amplify your marketing campaign, don’t rule out YouTube – there’s more to it than what meets the eye. 

Rise in Agency Use for Content Creation 

According to data from the PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report 2017, there has been a rise in recognition of PR agencies as content creators. 

  • 13% - Video based content (up 10%)
  • 11% - Image based content (up 5%)
  • 11% - Text based content (up 7%)
  • 57% rise in video based content as a main area of spend for in-house 

This shouldn’t come as a shock. With a sea of content available online it’s integral for brands to create standout content that resonates with their target audiences in order to cut through all the noise. We published an article earlier this month discussing why innovative companies are now in the publishing business. Check it out here

Intent-based Targeting on Mobile Key to Success for Video Ads

Contrary to popular belief, people can and do still pay attention to video ads. New research from Ipsos and Nielsen found that the attention-worthiness of video ads depends just as much on how the ads are served as what’s in them. 

According to the study, relevance and personalisation are the top ad attributes associated with attention to video ads. The key to successfully grabbing your audience’s attention is serving ads based on intent signals, not just demographics. For example, if you’re selling a handbag, rather than targeting all women aged 20-45, target people who like keeping up with the latest trends, read fashion magazines and frequently online shop. 

According to YouTube data, using intent-based targeting on mobile devices have 20% higher ad recall lift, and 50% higher brand awareness lift. 

It’s apparent that content marketing is one of the most important tactics in any marketing mix. At Icon, we specialise in integrated content campaigns. You can check out our latest for Yarra Trams here

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