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A full-service model purpose-built for the modern digital economy

Using multi-channel thinking we connect smart strategy and great ideas with user-driven tactics, technology and platforms.

So whether you’re setting out to shape beliefs, change national behaviours or reimagine a digital user experience, our integrated structure ensures we put people at the heart of creative craft.

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How we work

Icon is different to traditional agencies. Proudly integrated, we leverage the power of earned, paid, owned and shared media to drive digital brands and campaigns.

Icon's EPOS Model



Earned Media
  • Media & blogger relations
  • Press office/news jacking
  • Thought leadership
  • Awards & rankings
  • Executive profiling
  • Brand storytelling

Earned & Shared

Partnerships & Influencers
  • Charity tie-ins
  • Co-branding
  • Ambassador content
  • Influencer campaigns


Shared Media
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok
  • Pinterest, Instagram
  • Vine
  • Google


Owned Media
  • Website and EDM
  • Employee & customer stories
  • User-generated content
  • Reviews
  • Whitepapers & reports/research
  • Brand journalism
  • Webinars, Vlogs, Podcasts, video
  • Events, expos, round tables


Paid Media
  • Advertorial
  • Facebook sponsored posts & campaigns
  • Sponsored tweets/Twitter cards
  • Digital retargeting/lead generation
  • Sponsored content/Outbrain