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Behaviour Change

Want to create powerful, integrated behaviour change campaigns that work?

We take a robust, person-centric approach to behaviour change marketing.

Our method combines data, human insights and research into a proprietary framework, ensuring our work is empathetic, positive and impactful.

We deliver against any brief – from encouraging ethical shopping to reducing violent extremism.

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Understanding influences. Influencing behaviour

Behaviours and decisions are not as rational as people would like to think. Instead, they’re shaped by a complex mix of norms, emotions, biases and beliefs.

At its heart, behaviour change marketing is about understanding these influences to shape new behaviours. Not only changing people’s minds, but changing the things that they do.

It’s how we can help people do the right thing.

Cutting through the noise to affect long-term change

Campaigns that deliver successful, long-lasting behaviour change require expertise.

The challenge facing governments, advertisers and marketers is compounded by:

  • The declining influence of paid media

  • Hyper-targeted, direct-to-consumer marketing

  • Combatting misinformation

  • Leveraging the experience economy

Our behaviour change methodology

An in-depth understanding of behavioural science can drive significant changes in behaviour for the public good. Our methodology is built on this principle.

We combine best-practice communication principles with classical change theory, as well as more emerging models of change, to deliver a pliable behaviour change framework that is repeatable, measurable and adaptable to almost any behaviour change challenge.

The behavioural journey

Understanding the behavioural journey is a key element of our behaviour change methodology. To do this we map the behavioural journey of our target audience segments.

These stages are not always sequential, however this framework helps the development of our behaviour change strategy. It's also a succinct way to structure the ongoing effectiveness of our communications.

behavioural journey

Finding solutions in human-centred design

At Icon, we place people at the centre of all our decisions and planning. The way we look at behaviour change communications is no different.

It’s not enough to just reach the target audience. An empathetic, human-centred approach means we produce work that connects.

Our goal is to influence long-term positive change. We map drivers, identify barriers, challenge perceptions, review and recalibrate campaigns over time.

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Elegant, integrated behaviour change strategies

Our agency's mantra, 'For people with purpose.' is underpinned by creative thinking.

Our multidisciplinary team works at the intersection of digital, creative and communication services, allowing us to create elegant behaviour change strategies leveraging integrated solutions.

Read more about our approach and capabilities via the Change Collective.

Our services include best-in-class:

  • Problem definition and in-depth literature reviews

  • Qualitative and quantitative audience research

  • Audience definition and analysis

  • Behaviour change communication workshops

  • Behaviour change journey mapping

  • Intervention solutions and channel strategy

  • Monitoring and evaluation frameworks

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View our latest behaviour change work

Behaviour change is at the heart of everything we do. We’re one of Australia's most experienced behaviour change agencies (if we do say so ourselves).

Find some of our most recent campaigns below.

Beyond behaviour change

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