Media, crisis and presentation training

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Communicate with confidence

Icon provides customised media and presentation training in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and remotely.

We position our clients to communicate effectively and successfully with staff, customers, stakeholders and the media.

Led by award-winning journalists and editors, with national and international experience in print, online and broadcast, our training provides hands-on learning in a dynamic, interactive environment.

Media training services

With today’s always-on media and 24-hour news cycle, it’s essential to be prepared.

Our media training builds understanding, capability and skill so clients face the media with confidence.

We understand what makes news and shapes reputations across the modern media landscape, and how to ensure messages are delivered effectively fronting a news conference, facing a broadcast interview, presenting a webinar or giving a keynote address.

Content is tailored to individual organisations and issues, ensuring an experience that is relevant and empowering.

  • Training customised to each client's requirements

  • Use of 'real-world' scenarios to prepare for opportunities and challenges

  • Training in TV, print, radio and online interview techniques

  • Handover training guide with key messages for ongoing skill development

  • Flexible model from 1:1 executive coaching to small and large group training

  • Choice of short refresher, half day and full day modules

Your media trainers

Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes - Director of Reputation

Mark is a Walkley-award winning journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of The Age in Melbourne. He has also worked at Four Corners and Channel Seven, in the Federal and State parliament press galleries and as an overseas correspondent.

Mark brings almost 30 years of success at the highest levels of Australian media and communications practice to media training, crisis management and strategic communications advice

Joanne Painter

Joanne Painter - Group Managing Director

Joanne brings more than 25 years' experience in journalism, public relations and digital communications.

Prior to founding Icon Agency with partner Chris Dodds, Joanne spent eight years with Fairfax's The Age, first as Education Reporter then as National Industrial Correspondent and Senior Business Writer. She is a sought after speaker and presenter.

Justin Armsden

Justin Armsden - Consultant

Justin has travelled the international media landscape for nearly 30 years.

From an award-winning print reporter for News Corp, to anchor for CNN International in London and the Victorian State Bureau Chief at A Current Affair, Justin has been at the forefront of media his entire career

“The depth and breadth of experience of Icon’s media team is impressive. Their insights and understanding of the media landscape have been invaluable.”

– Katherine Kaspar, CEO of Kinetic Super

Media and presentation training

Choose from a range of training options. Modules are customised for your business, communications requirements and target media. All are available face-to-face or remotely if required.

Media training

Ideal for spokespeople and executives wanting to understand and utilise the media.

Media training

Training format:

  • How the media operates

  • Preparing messaging

  • How to interact with the media

  • Covers radio, TV, online and print

  • Scenario-based live interviews

  • 1:1 and Small Group, Half-day and full-day options

Media refresher

Brush up your skills and prepare for upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Media refresher

Training format:

  • Interactive ‘live’ interview format

  • Communicating and staying on message

  • Presentation skills

  • Handling tough questions

  • Covers all media formats

  • 1:1 coaching or Small Group, 2hr or half-day

Advanced coaching

An intensive, interactive workshop for experienced spokespeople and senior executives.

Advanced coaching

Training format:

  • Refine media skills

  • Tackling negative issues

  • Enhancing reputation

  • Confrontational interviews

  • Message development and delivery

  • 1:1 or Small Group, 2hr, half-day and full-day

Presentation and public speaking

Build your confidence and learn methods to stay on message.

Presentation and public speaking

Training format:

  • Presenting confidently to any audience

  • Overcoming nerves

  • Structuring your presentation

  • Presentation techniques

  • Live run-throughs

  • Pre-event coaching

  • Typically 1:1 coaching format, half-day

Online and virtual media

Master remote interviews, webinars and virtual presentations.

Online and virtual media

Training format:

  • Mastering Zoom/Teams formats

  • Presentation and delivery techniques and tips

  • On-camera interview training and scenarios

  • Practice presentation, playback and critique

  • Customised presentation/interview planning

  • 1:1 or small group, 2hr or half-day

Crisis training

The key to effective crisis management is preparation, our tailored crisis modules are an essential tool to mitigate risk.

Crisis media training

Preparing developing and delivering crisis communications responses.

Crisis media training

Training format:

  • The need for speed - crisis timeframes

  • Crisis and media theory and preparation

  • Key rules of crisis messaging

  • Media conferences and releases

  • Interviewing under pressure

  • Scenario interviews

  • 1:1 or small group, half-day or full day

Crisis simulation excercise

Stress-test media and crisis preparedness with a customised workshop and scenario.

Crisis simulation excercise

Training format:

  • Crisis and media theory and preparation

  • Develop and test key messages

  • Risks and responses

  • Real-time crisis communications simulation

  • Operational and communication considerations covered

  • Small or large group format (up to 15)

  • Half-day or full-day

COVID-19 crisis training

Prepare your organisation to communicate effectively in the event of a COVID-19 crisis or reputational issue.

COVID-19 crisis training

Training format:

  • Ideal for spokespeople with varied levels of experience

  • Delivering on COVID communications goals

  • How to craft key messages and stay on them

  • On-camera interview training

  • COVID crisis scenarios

  • Available in Zoom, Webex or Teams video conference formats

  • Option of 2hr or half-day

  • 1 or small-group (up to 7 participants)

Beyond Media Training

Looking for additional support? Our integrated, in-house model can scale to meet your unique requirements.