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Icon’s social and behaviour change division
helps governments, organisations and
NFPs address the key challenges of our time.

What we do

We bring together a range of specialists, subject matter experts and those with lived experience to deliver insights and develop communications strategies that really matter.

Specialists in:

  • Behavioural psychology

  • Anthropology

  • Sociocultural research

  • Cognitive science

venn diagram explaining the three pillars of the change collective

Learn more about our
Behaviour Change methodology
and how it can create long-lasting
change for the public good


  • Social and behavioural research

  • Audience insights, behavioural mapping

  • Behaviour change strategy

  • Communications framing workshops

  • Strategic communication services

  • Narratives and message development

  • Creative services - concepting, design, content

  • Channel strategy

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Community engagement and advocacy

Comments on the Collective

Kris White sitting in an office looking away from the camera

Kris White - Behavioural psychology expert and researcher

Kris explains why he is embracing the Change Collective

After several years of working with the Icon team, it's abundantly clear the model of bringing together subject matter experts with strategy and communications experts is what is required to create social change. The client and social issues we are trying to solve are just too complex and important to leave to the 'advertising as usual' agencies, they demand a collective solution.

Headshot of Debra Smith

Debra Smith - Principal research fellow, Victoria University

Debra talks about the Icon’s work engaging unpacking the complexity of Countering Violent Extremism

What I've really appreciated about working with Mat and the team is their desire to engage with deep subject matter experts to build very nuanced understandings of violent extremism to inform the work. They’ve always encouraged me and others to be very frank about the opportunities and the potential pitfalls. More than anything they have found the balance between being brave and delivering a pragmatic strategic vision and that’s what gives me confidence in them.

Watch Mat Crompton on the Change Collective


Leading the team

Headshot of Mat Crompton

Mat Crompton

Strategy Director and Head of the Change Collective

Mat is a Behaviour Change communications expert and interdisciplinary thinker. He is driven by a deep sense of social justice and equity and a desire to help deliver social change. After initially working in consumer advertising, first in his native London and then in Australia, he has since dedicated his career to helping people change their attitudes and their behaviour for the good of themselves and those around them.

He has delivered research and developed Behaviour Change communication programs across many social challenges, including social cohesion, gender equity, health access, mental health and well-being, and sustainable and environmental practices.

His professional expertise overlaps with his personal experiences, and as an ex-gambling addict, harm reduction and promoting help-seeking behaviours are critical areas of interest and knowledge.

Kate Griffiths smiling outside on a sunny day

Kate Griffiths

Director of Brand and Change

Leaning on over a decade of experience in both Brand and Behaviour Change Kate thrives on complex briefs and nuanced social issues. Her latest work with The Alcohol and Drug Foundation, The Attorney General’s Office, Women’s Health Victoria, The Department of Home Affairs, Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Respect Victoria and Amplar Health are testament to this. Kate is instinctively curious and compassionate in leading and championing outcomes, prioritising positive, cause-led impact.

Kate is a true student of life, an action-focused problem solver and an active advocate for industry change on gender inequality.

Reach out to discuss how the Change Collective can help deliver the change that you need.