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Icon Agency partners with content leads and communications and marketing teams to co-design and deliver category-defining websites, intranets and digital services.

From content and governance strategies to best-practice writing for the web, our in-house team is ready to transform your digital communications into a more usable, manageable and accessible service.

Our team includes seasoned content strategists, writers, editors and producers with extensive experience working on corporate and government websites.

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Drupal and GovCMS websites
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What is a website content strategy?

Website and intranet content strategies guide the creation and administration of copy, imagery and rich media housed on your website, intranet or extranet. They also inform the structure and flow of websites, as well as their tonality and brand.

Content strategies are underpinned by a deep understanding of both your organisational and customer needs – with stakeholder and customer engagement, brand purpose, user requirements and tone of voice all influencing the legibility and usability of your website.

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Understand your content channels and how they’re related

Content is an ecosystem. Websites, social media channels, email newsletters, intranets and extranets should all be reviewed as part of an integrated strategy. Static media such as reports, brochures and posters can also be included, as well as dynamic feeds and data.

We will help you:

– Know where your content overlaps or is duplicated
– Take an omnichannel approach to content creation and publication
– Segment content to foster customer engagement
– Create consistent, useful and accessible content for customers of all abilities and backgrounds.

Content governance frameworks and writing guides

A content governance framework and workflow model ensure teams understand their roles and responsibilities. They enable content managers to publish and maintain relevant, up-to-date and useful content on websites and other digital channels.

Having a formal process in place to create, review, approve, publish and manage content across the content lifecycle is vital.
An official best-practice style guide ensures your content is on brand, clear and consistent and appropriate for your audiences.

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Icon’s digital content and website strategy services

Stakeholder workshops

Icon can help gather and facilitate internal and external workshops to help formalise organisational intent, user types and cultural requirements – connecting needs, content and messaging requirements into a content and communications strategy. Our team are experts in working with vulnerable audiences, people of all ages and abilities, and CALD and LOTE audiences.

Content strategy development

Having a well-researched and clearly defined strategy in place will aid in the reasoning, creation and management of content across your digital ecosystem. It will bring efficiencies to content generation and ensure quality outputs that enable you to meet strategic goals.

Data collection and analysis

Additional insights and patterns can be mined though sources such as Google Analytics and other third-party tools. Quantitative analysis and qualitative or observational tests are used to validate our work.

Card sorting

Card sorting is used to help design and evaluate the information architecture of a website or digital platform. We ask participants to organise topics into categories using online tools and automated processes via Optimal Workshop.

Tree testing information architecture

User-based tree testing helps organise and evaluate website topics, giving you real-world insights help to validate a more intuitive information architecture.

Content flows and journey mapping

Creating relevant and accessible content for your website, based on unique user types and tasks, helps visitors find and consume content specific to their needs. We trial, test and improve content flow through interactive prototypes, also known as wireframes.

Content migration

Adding content into a new website is a big job. Our team can assist with custom migration scripts or manual migration into a CMS. We can also help set up and configure tools like Gather Content to help teams map, write, edit and approve content.

Content governance and publishing workflows

Know the who, why, where and when of publishing content. No more confusion amongst teams or misplaced and out of date content on your websites and digital platforms.

Writing and editing for the web

By knowing your audience, your team will know who they’re producing content for. We can provide training and guidelines to ensure your content creators consider education levels, sector types, user types and language needs when producing content.

Tone of voice and writing guides

Every organisation has a purpose. Clearly express yours through the use of a formalised tone-of-voice guide for your writers and suppliers. We can also provide detailed example content models to ensure the consistency of your content.

Graphic design and infographics

Sometimes words are better represented in graphic format. Icon’s designers and art directors can create simple or stunning graphics to explain complex processes, and present your communications in a more accessible and friendly manner.


Bring your organisation to life through emotive, personal or inspirational stories that help visitors engage and understand your values, mission, vision and purpose.

Video, podcast production and photography

Your customers may be time poor or have English as a second language. Rich media such as videos and audio can help explain complex processes and concepts in a more accessible manner. Icon’s production facility, The Content Garden, is custom built for complex content needs.

Accessible content for Australians of all ages and abilities

If you’re a government organisation, you need to ensure everyone who needs your service can use it. This includes people with disabilities, older people, and people who can’t use, or struggle with, digital services. We also encourage our commercial clients to make their services accessible to people with disabilities. Our team are experts in WGAC 2.1 AA accessibility standards and have delivered the NDIS’ website.

CMS and intranet content strategies

Most content management systems like Drupal, or intranet solutions like SharePoint, require specialist advice to set up, or guidance for how to build out your content. Icon has the expertise you need to do it right the first time.



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