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Behaviour change + Content & creative + PR & communications for Sustainability Victoria

Take your e-waste to a better place

Making people think twice about e-waste

Victorians actively embrace e-waste recycling

In 2018 Sustainability Victoria (SV) engaged Icon Agency to create a public awareness and behaviour change campaign to support a forthcoming state-wide ban on electrical waste in rubbish bins and landfill.

With less than a year before the ban comes into effect, SV needed a campaign to make Victorians care about e-waste and not only accept the ban, but actively embrace e-waste recycling.

Take your e-waste to a better place

$16.5 million to upgrade e-waste recycling centres

The Victorian Government is investing $16.5 million to upgrade e-waste recycling centres at transfer stations so that by 2019 we will be able to better recycle and process all types of e-waste in Australia. The over-arching goals are to make better use of non-renewable resources and protect our environment from harmful contamination. From 1 July 2019, instead of putting their electronic waste in household rubbish bins, Victorians will need to take their e-waste to one of many new or existing e-waste recycling depots across the state.

Creating a head space to take your electronic waste to a better place

The Icon team, led by Creative Directors Rod Clausen and Ed Bechervaise, developed an innovative creative platform to inspire a new state-of-mind, with the promise of a brighter future – ‘Take your e-waste to a better place’.

Central to the campaign is a visually stunning film which takes Victorians on a fantastic journey of discovery. The campaign launched on 4 July 2018 and was rolled out over three phases across TV, cinema, online, press, posters, social media and PR channels over the next 12 months leading up to the ban in 2019.

Highlights from the PR campaign include a consumer case study focussing on the problem of hoarding e-waste at home syndicated across 79 local and regional press publications all over Australia and an interview with ABC Radio Breakfast News following an episode of “War on Waste” which focussed specifically on e-waste.

Special thanks to our film production company partners – Cirkus, Auckland.

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