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Love Food Hate Waste

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Love Food Hate Waste is an initiative of the Victorian Government and Sustainability Victoria designed to raise awareness around avoidable food waste from Victorian households. With 25% of the contents of our garbage bins made up of avoidable food waste, and Victorian households throwing away an estimated $2200 a year in wasted food, Sustainability Victoria were seeking an integrated agency to provide a range of comms, design, and digital solutions to effectively spread the message and change consumer behaviour

I love left overs

How do you change consumer behaviour and help them to help themselves?

Given it's an issue that seldom attracts much attention, the messaging about food waste is complex. Most people are unaware of just how much food is thrown away and, as such, are unaware of the environmental damage it causes. A fully integrated campaign was required to raise awareness and help households learn the facts needed to reduce food waste.

Work examples

Using an integrated communications strategy to educate, inspire, and change behaviour

Icon created a comprehensive public relations strategy that outlined a multi-tiered approach to educate Victorians about food waste. We also developed positive and engaging messages to persuade consumers to believe that reducing household food waste was not too difficult. The approach detailed five key behaviours that people could adapt to reduce their food waste, and featured messaging boosted via a series of playful video tips.

We also developed an integrated digital and social media campaign to engage audiences online. After having secured corporate sponsorship, the campaign offered enticing prizes which would help keep food fresher for longer, accessible through the campaign’s Facebook page.