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This is how we tram

60+ Safety campaign

Helping the elderly tram safely

In 2018, Yarra Trams’ now famous ‘Tram Coach’ made a return in a new campaign to protect passengers with his unifying catch cry, 'This is how we tram'. The difference was this time, his message was aimed at reducing falls and serious injuries to passengers 60 and over.

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A campaign to help seniors keep on tramming

Trams are a vital part of life for our senior community. They allow older people to get out, get things done and see the people they love. But unfortunately, 55% of slips, trips and falls on trams are among the less agile, 60 plus age group. A campaign was needed to get them to adopt safer behaviours, so they continue to enjoy their independence while staying safe and avoiding injury.

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Make seniors tram safety famous

Slips and trips often occur during boarding, when passengers are validating tickets or in the process of finding a seat. Many elderly passengers also leave their seats before the tram has stopped so they don’t miss their stop, which makes them vulnerable to a fall. Our audience has travelled by tram without really thinking about safety for years. We needed a circuit breaker to get them to embrace some new, safer behaviours, like being mindful to hold on while ‘touching on’, using priority seats next to the doors and to grip handrails when getting off.

Safety Campaign Short 1 - Tram Coach
Safety Campaign Short 2 - Tram Coach
Safety Campaign Short 3 - Tram Coach

This is how seniors tram

The ever-lovable Tram Coach brought his unique humour, passion for safety and a new ‘senior sidekick’ to show Melbourne’s elderly how we tram. Tram stop Adshells and tram media with three key messages: ‘Get on strong’, ‘Hold tight, sit right’ and ‘Step off right’ were developed for the new campaign.

Videos played in media channels leveraging Victoria’s 2018 Seniors Festival week, including executions encouraging the public to be aware of elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers, and to give up ‘orange priority seats’ adjacent to the doors so everyone can sit safely.

To top it off, Tram Coach hosted his own ‘This is how we tram’ activation during Victoria’s 2018 Seniors Festival. Tram Coach and his ‘senior sidekick’ got the crowd up and swinging with a choreographed song and dance exercise class, including all of the safety positions and messages in the campaign.

Campaign collateral included:

  • Outdoor posters

  • Tram stop Adshells

  • Digital City Lights

  • Tram signage

  • Tram stop floor decals

  • Seniors week event collateral

  • Social media assets

  • Digital banners and PR assets

  • On tram passenger screens

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