Human-centred, data-driven, purpose-built

Social media has given everyone a voice – so we’ve developed a proven approach to helping clients succeed in this modern, participatory media environment.

We do it by:

  1. Analysing the right data points
  2. Developing channel agnostic strategies
  3. Producing content with a purpose
  4. Learning from every conversion, visit, view and share

Short form or long form. A single blog post or a series of videos. Always-on programs or specific campaigns. Our team creates content that cuts through. Every time.

Utilising creative, communications, and digital insights is the cornerstone of a successful social and content strategy. We're lucky to have some of the industry’s best leading us forward and building real value for our clients.

Chris Dodds
Managing Director, Digital
Icon Agency

Content strategy and social media

The development of data-driven strategies that enable content to flourish in website, blog, email and social media environments.

Content planning and production

The production of digital content in various formats including editorial, video, animation, motion graphics and interactive assets.

Channel and community management

Publishing and moderating content across your entire digital footprint, including websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more.

Organic and paid content promotion

As competition for eyeballs increases, the use of organic and paid promotional tactics is a vital part of the content marketing and social media mix. This includes social media advertising, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and other forms of content distribution.

Data, analytics and measurement

Our programs start and finish with gathering and analysing the right data. This can include digital landscape audits, content performance reports and competitor benchmarking.

The power of integration

Icon’s offer is made stronger thanks to the teams we sit alongside within the Icon agency: Digital, Creative and PR.

We know that content can be a stand-alone solution, or the driving force behind an integrated campaign. We do both.


Extraordinary thinking doesn’t go unnoticed. We’re proud to have won over 30 international and national awards since 2014.