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PR & communications for MyFitnessPal

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Bringing a global brand to the Australian Market


MyFitnessPal is a global nutrition and food-tracking app, with over 200 million users worldwide. The brand is on a mission to support users to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals through its calorie tracker, food log, and a database containing over 14 million foods/recipes.

Despite its success in Europe and America, MyFitnessPal was new to proactive marketing, and communications activities in Australia, having gained its Australian users through organic reach and word of mouth. Icon worked with MyFitnessPal to raise brand awareness, helping to support Australians in managing their health goals on their own terms.

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The first quarter, and particularly around the New Year, is a key download period for MyFitnessPal. However, with the ‘New Year, New Me’ movement, competition in the health and wellbeing space at the beginning of a year is fierce. This crowded landscape required unique and robust activity to cut through the noise.

New to proactive communications in Australia, MyFitnessPal required a creatively-led communications approach that would create mass brand awareness and effectively ‘re-launch’ the brand in Australia in the lead-up to, and during the New Year period.


Icon’s approach was anchored in behaviour change strategy with the creation of highly engaging content that leveraged a range of data, case studies, recipes and expert commentary to deliver always-on support over December 2022 - February 2023. This included the development of two events that ran in short succession to generate widespread media coverage and build important relationships with key journalists.

Kicking off the campaign, Icon executed a ‘New Year New Habits’ exclusive media event at a Sydney studio that offered a highly sought-after yoga class, ‘The Class with Raj Baker’. Dietician Susie Burrell then spoke one-on-one with the media over an intimate breakfast where they became acquainted with the app and its offerings.

Celebrity fitness coach Luke Hines was also brought on as a trusted voice alongside Burrell for the ‘Less Sweet, More Heart’ activation. During February’s ‘Heart Health Month’, Icon developed the ‘Less Sweet, More Heart’ campaign to spread awareness of the impact of excessive sugar consumption on heart health. The activation saw the creation of a giant sugar heart sculpture, launched at Sydney’s iconic Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – representing the 10,950 sugar cubes Australians eat every year. Iterations of the heart also appeared in London, Toronto and Miami.

The activation saw a large footfall and appeared on Hine’s social media platforms to amplify reach. In addition to Icon’s always-on press office, the campaign wrapped with an intimate media dinner where key journalists could interact with Burrell and Hines and gain more knowledge on the app itself.


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  • Campaign coordination and execution

  • Ambassador management

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