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City of Brimbank

We are Brimbank

Brimming with untapped potential

The City of Brimbank lies at the heart of Australia’s fastest growing region and one of the most culturally diverse communities in Australia.

People of 166 different nationalities speaking 160 different languages call Brimbank home. This cultural diversity is what makes Brimbank an ideal destination for jobs, investment and growth.

The Brimbank Story

Building pride in the city of Brimbank

As part of efforts to attract Federal Government investment and position Brimbank as a desirable ‘live, work, invest’ destination, Brimbank approached Icon Agency to design and deliver an integrated campaign and new brand positioning for the city. Our aim was to share the story of Brimbank’s growth, reposition it as a desirable destination to live, work and invest, and inspire local pride by celebrating its cultural diversity and inclusive spirit.

Brimbank posters

A city in transition

Brimbank faces many challenges. Consistent underinvestment by governments in community infrastructure, combined with below average levels of income and education, has created considerable pockets of disadvantage, reflected in high rates of unemployment, Type 2 diabetes and gambling.

Icon’s challenge was to tap into Brimbank’s rich and varied history and leverage its strengths – cultural diversity, inclusion, location and people – in a comprehensive creative repositioning. The campaign sought to change perceptions from disadvantage to opportunity, while being authentic and real in our communications. We wanted to inspire pride in the community by celebrating Brimbank’s diversity, and giving everyday people in the community a voice.


Welcome. We are Brimbank

‘We are Brimbank’ is a long-term campaign to strengthen community pride while also promoting the area to the wider Victorian community. While it is still ongoing, Icon’s engaging and emotive integrated new destination brand has been warmly embraced by the Council and many in the community.

A particular highlight was the ‘We are Brimbank’ Welcome Café, held during Cultural Diversity Week at the Alfrieda Street Pop Up Park. Six local restaurants and entertainers came together to create a pop-up café, serving free food to the local community from their different cultures. The pop café was held over three days in March 2018.

In 2019 we move into the third year of ‘We are Brimbank’ with more community-driven activations and events, PR targeted at business and investor communities and digital brand communications.

The campaign was delivered via:

  • Paid advertising – cinema, outdoor and press

  • Gateway signage, flags and billboards

  • Investment collateral targeting government, employers and business

  • Public activation and pop-up multicultural café

  • Launch PR and events

We Are Brimbank