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From PR and comms, to brand and advertising services, Icon Agency has been providing SkyBus with a one-stop solution to their ever growing marketing and communications needs.

An iconic
and trusted
Australian brand

Founded in 1978, SkyBus is the operator of Australasia’s premier airport transfer service in Victoria and New Zealand. SkyBus’ iconic red vehicles run seven days a week, providing safe, convenient airport transport to over five million passengers each year between the various airports in Melbourne and Auckland.

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Servicing a rapidly
expanding business
through a single
agency model

As a B2B and B2C business that is growing rapidly, SkyBus was looking to increase its corporate brand awareness and position the company as a trusted business partner. By partnering with Icon, SkyBus was able to bundle PR, marketing and advertising requirements with the one supplier – cutting back on admin time and ensuring a consistent brand narrative.

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A seamless service
model that grows to
meet demand

Icon has played an instrumental role in helping launch and promote all of SkyBus’ latest airport express services in Australia and New Zealand.

For each launch event, Icon’s responsibilities included liaising with government officials, media relations, event management, organising photoshoots and overall communications approach. Icon has been successful in securing attendance of local government officials at these launch events as a show of support to SkyBus and its business. As a result, we generated more than 20 pieces of coverage with a reach of nearly 7 million for SkyBus’ announcements in 2017.

We have also been responsible for campaign design, advertising and marketing, and ongoing PR and communications for the business.

SkyBus reported full capacity for all its current buses operating on the latest Southbank Docklands Airport Express route within two weeks after its launch. They have since added more buses to the service to meet customer demands. SkyBus has been recently recognised among its industry peers, having receieved a gong at the Victoria Tourism Awards

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