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Web design & UX for Monash University

UX & UI Development for Alexandria

An educational resource repository with media-rich learning modules and eBooks

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Alexandria is an educational resource repository to facilitate authoring, sharing, discovery and publishing of high-quality, interactive, media-rich learning modules and eBooks. Icon was engaged by Monash University to overhaul the user experience and interface, and provide a new front-end code base.

The Alexandria interface needed to work well across desktop, tablets and mobiles; and the design needed to be simple, fluid, and focussed on content rather than a flashy interface. By using a sophisticated responsive grid and intuitive design language we were able to create a user experience that's easy to navigate and built for scale.

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Alexandria's backend had already been built by Monash University's in-house team, and a beta product was already designed and in use. Rather than starting with a clean slate, our design team needed to build on the solid foundations already in place. Our challenge was to reimagine and redevelop a world-class user experience. Placing the end-user front-of-mind ensured every decision we made was based on need and function rather than form alone.

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A world-class educational
repository built for scale

By working closely with Alexandria's management and developer teams we were able to translate their vision into a real-world outcome. The platform now has over 300 authors and 7,000 education modules and is being used by over 22,000 users to access high-quality, interactive, media-rich learning modules and eBooks.