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As one of Australia’s most respected investment consultants, JANA has throughout its history enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading names in its field. A rapidly evolving and constantly changing communications field however has created communication challenges, and while existing clients respect and trust them, there was an opportunity for JANA to really shine, and position themselves as a thought leader.

Icon Agency was engaged to help JANA reposition and revitalise their brand, starting with an extensive research-based audit to form the basis of a new brand strategy.

Fostering industry respect

JANA is highly regarded industry-wide for their innovative approach to investment consulting. While clients know and trust them, there was an opportunity to revamp their communications to better express their brand in the digital age. To modernise the JANA brand, Icon would start from the ground up, reviewing and auditing the existing communications to understand what strengths we could build on and areas of improvement.

depth with

Despite the challenges facing it, JANA’s strengths were numerous, and allowed us to quickly get to the emotional core that drives their business. At the centre of this new brand was the tagline, ‘Depth with Difference’, encapsulating their ability to provide valuable insight through extensive research that doesn’t just follow the status quo. Communications platforms, programs and brand strategy would follow, enabling JANA to present itself as a thought leader, and shake off the ‘black box’ stigma.

A range of new visual collateral was developed, from a simple refresh and update of their existing brandmark, to entirely new conceptual artworks that visualised JANA’s strengths and values. We continue to work with JANA, evolving their brand further and developing new visuals, helping to ensure JANA remains the most innovative and trustworthy name in its field.

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