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Behaviour change + Brand + Content & creative for Yarra Trams


Tram safety behaviour change campaign

Helping Melbourne’s trams keep on moving

It’s possible to inspire commuters into true tramming excellence. In 2019, Yarra Trams tasked Icon with adapting the now iconic ‘Tram Coach’ in a new behaviour change campaign. We wanted to encourage commuters to do the little things which make it easier for others to get on and off – and keep the whole system moving smoothly so that passengers can get to their destinations on time.


Encouraging tramming excellence

Busy trams at peak hours in inner-city Melbourne have had their ability to run punctually challenged due to doorways being blocked and doors unable to close. A campaign was needed to encourage commuters to be more aware of their fellow passengers and adopt behaviours that allow others to board and disembark easily and efficiently.

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Become a true trampion

Icon's creative team developed the positive ‘Become a True Trampion’ central theme to encourage camaraderie and show how good passenger etiquette is a thing to be admired. A set of Tram Coach trophies were created to convey communicate our three core messages: clear the steps, clear the doorway and move in to touch on. While accompanying messages talked to the benefit of getting to your destination on time. The campaign is currently in market and will continue to roll out over the next few months across tram stop outdoor, on board media, digital and social channels.

Campaign collateral included:

  • Carousel ad tiles

  • TramTRACKER banner

  • Tram shelter panels

  • Tram on-board posters

  • Z-Class tram portrait backs

  • A-Class tram supersides

  • Digital and website tiles and banners.

Clear Steps poster
Clear Doorways posters
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