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Shining a spotlight on success


It’s possible to foster international partnerships through greater cultural understanding. There are literally thousands of examples where people of Indian descent are thriving and making significant contributions to Australian society. Similarly, many Australians are successfully doing business in India.

The Australia India Council (AIC) tasked Icon with finding a way to inspire more cross-collaboration between our two great nations, to realise the enormous potential we have to prosper together.

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Paving the way for recognition

While Indian immigrants have long helped to shape our nation, research shows there is a lack of awareness in Australian business of the incredible level of Indian talent available. Likewise, much of India is unaware of the opportunity to partner and develop relationships with Australians. Exceptional qualifications, skills and ability can go unseen or be overlooked. This is affecting the opportunity both countries have to benefit and prosper through business. If we are to leverage this untapped potential, it’s time for a major shift. A campaign was needed to increase awareness, change perceptions and break down barriers.

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The Icon creative team developed the Dynamic Mix concept and content series. We sought out and interviewed the Indian-Australian rock stars of innovation – the new breed of cross-cultural business leaders. Sixteen inspired success stories were edited and packaged into sharable content to be amplified with a multi-channel approach. A major feature of the campaign creative was the stunning illustrated kaleidoscope backgrounds behind the subject, made of imagery and iconography to represent the story behind the person – each a dynamic work of art in itself.