Is radical honesty better in the era of AI?

The below snippet was included in Campaign Asia's article 'Is radical honesty better in the era of AI?'

SOUNDING BOARD: WPP's CEO Mark Read recently admitted the company is using AI to cut costs. As investment in the space ramps up, is it better for industry leaders to be upfront about the impact it will have, be it good or bad?

Sebastian Dodds-Painter, AI Implementation Manager, Icon Agency

"AI is at something of a crossroads: It’s incredibly powerful, it’s only getting better, and it's excelling both at helping workers get more done, and at replacing them. One of these has much nicer sentiment to it. Trust is difficult to earn, and very easy to lose. The reality is if you’re using AI to replace workers, consumers will find out eventually, and they won’t be happy. Maybe asking if honesty is the right policy is just the wrong question, because if we’re being honest (and I really hope we are), honesty should be the only policy. At the end of the day, if you need to be dishonest, there’s a good chance you’re doing the wrong, or at least very unpopular thing."

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