Meeting of the Minds: Icon Agency’s Hazel Tiernan and Ian Cormick

This article was initially published in MediaWeek.

Meeting of the Minds brings together two different points of view from an industry rookie and an experienced expert.

The Mediaweek series aims to showcase their diverse perspectives, thoughts and opinions.

This month’s Meeting of the Minds sees Hazel Tiernan and Ian Cormick from Icon Agency reveal their leadership heroes, current streaming binge and career goals for 2023.

Hazel Tiernan – Executive Director of Client Services

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Best career advice – Give clients what they want then give them what they need.

My favourite podcast/read – The Imperfects – honest and raw life lessons. Also loved James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds.

Current streaming binge – “Ted Lasso” – I love how kindness and passion will overcome anything through the world of Ted and Richmond FC.

Leadership hero – I can’t go past Jacinda Ardern. She’s led with such empathy, transparency and presence. Although external vs internal comms clearly had different experiences. A lesson for us all.

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Ian Cormick – Account Executive and Production Assistant

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My favourite podcast/read – Let’s Learn Everything: A joyful podcast about learning, with enthusiastic, entertaining hosts and a plethora of eye-opening fun facts every episode.

Current streaming binge – Totally Completely Fine on Stan: This was only just released, but grabbed me from the first episode. Typical Australian comedy with a powerful message: it’s ok to not be ok.

Leadership hero – Kyle Boddy: The founder of Driveline Baseball, a data-driven baseball technology innovator, Kyle has an admirable commitment to doing great work, and enabling his people to do great work.

I wish someone had told me – It gets easier. My first year of full-time work after graduating from university was rough. I really struggled with time management, mental focus, and just working 8-hour days. The learning curve is very steep at times, but it’s eminently achievable; though it didn’t always seem that way.

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