The state of creativity in Australia

The below snippet was included in AdNews' article 'Long Read - Creativity and sustainability, social responsibility and talent'

AdNews asked creatives about the state of creativity in Australia, the big issues, including a reported shortage of talent, the battle between social responsibility and business and the march of the robots, AI and the chatbot.

Chris Dodds, cofounder and managing director, growth & innovation at Icon Agency, says some clients want more for less and sign-offs are taking longer – indicators of a slowing economy.

“Conversely, Icon Agency’s integrated services are in demand as there are fewer management touch-points and time/cost efficiencies for projects.”

Art versus commerce. Who’s winning? “Art brings humanity and authenticity to commerce. Creativity touches the heart and mind. If you can win both, people will gravitate to a brand and remain loyal.”

Dodds says a key issue is navigating the need to maintain a flexible workplace, which is good for people; and the cultural needs of a workplace.

“Finding balance is important. Icon attracts talented people as they’re attracted to more purposeful work.

“Purpose is discovered by interrogating your ethical and moral beliefs, and then scaling to a collective belief system that informs the type of work your agency chooses to undertake. It’s complex but important work. It’s also fluid and will change over time. Our focus is on work that has a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

Agency culture. How important is that?

“How important is air?”

Chris Dodds at Icon Agency, says AI will fundamentally change the what, how and why of work faster than almost anyone predicted.

"There are 100s of A.I.s hitting the market which heats up competition and accelerates change. And by change, I mean Gutenberg Press and the Digital Revolution on steroids kind of disruption," he says.

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