Going meat-free on Mondays

Our Senior UX Designer Luke Matthews is also a member of Icon's Sustainability Group. He recently helped launch a new initiative across the agency to reduce our carbon footprint. Here is his story about becoming a more ethical eater. Small changes in behaviour can make a big difference!

I’m having a dietary identity crisis.

I’m trying to be an ethical eater. I’ve gone veggo, but not full veggo. I’m a part-time pescatarian. I still eat meat occasionally with friends and family. Does that make me a flexitarian?

Whatever I am, it feels good to eat less meat, and it’s good for the planet too.

In May, nine members of Icon’s Sustainability Group pledged to go meat free on Mondays.

By doing so, we’ve saved:
Over 3600 bathtubs of water
13 tennis courts worth of forests

Now we’re inviting the entire Icon team to try Meat Free Mondays. We’re sending everyone UberEats gift vouchers along with some meat free meal suggestions.

If the whole team participates in Meat Free Monday for a year, we would save:
Over 55,000 bathtubs of water
208 tennis courts worth of forests!

Recently, a member of our group shared some scary statistics about the dairy industry’s increasing greenhouse gas emissions. So, I’m sitting here with my oat milk flat white, thinking… could I go full vegan?

Maybe I’ll start with Milk Free Mondays.

Icon staff's meat-free meals