Abdul Hammoud wins the B&T Award for Diversity Individual

Abdul Hammoud

This article originally appeared in the B&T Awards 2021 online booklet.

Abdul Hammoud is one of the most exciting and innovative creatives in adland, and he has only been in the industry for just over a year. His creative work has been described as “fearless” and he has been described as “enriching.” Hammoud is a proud Muslim and offers a unique perspective.

Interestingly, Hammoud does not have a traditional creative background. He doesn’t have a tertiary education and didn’t attend a trendy ad school. Hammoud cut his teeth by creating art and igniting conversations as a performance artist. This work led him to working at the Icon Agency.

Joanne Painter, co-founder of The Icon Agency, describes Hammond as: “Talented, strategic, a big-picture thinker with the innate cultural understanding and tolerance to have a foot in both camps without losing legitimacy within his ‘tribe’.”

This year, Hammoud has worked tirelessly on a government-funded digital initiative for young Muslims called Knafeh & Coffee, which is a three-part series of roundtable discussions on topics like relationships and identity. The series performed incredibly well as the audience saw faces just like theirs doing what they do every day – chat. Hammoud’s work cuts through the noise and always manages to create something meaningful.

K&C guest, Iman
Knafeh & Coffee host, Oz Malik
Knafeh & Coffee Episode 1: Relationships