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Web design & UX for National Capital Authority

NCA GovCMS design and development

Highlighting our
national capital with
a new GovCMS website

The National Capital Authority (NCA) prepare and administer the National Capital Plan on behalf of the Australian Government, as well as fostering awareness of Canberra as the National Capital.

Icon Agency was appointed to deliver a new website for the NCA in 2022 – one that was user informed, rigorously tested, and designed to highlight the national capital's great events, attractions, and public services.

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Changing focus

NCA needed to upgrade their website to the new version of GovCMS SaaS, which opened up the opportunity to review the site's content, structure, design and usability.

The old website was unintuitive from a design and content perspective – making it frustrating for visitors to locate information. By pivoting the site to an outward-facing, user-focussed service, NCA could present itself in a more creative, informed, and modern way.


  • UX (User experience design)

  • IA (Information Architecture)

  • IA testing (treejack test)

  • User interviews

  • Card sort testing

  • Wireframes

  • Wireframe user testing

  • UI (User Interface design)

  • Development of the new website in GovCMS SaaS

  • Redevelopment of a new, modern design

  • Automated content migration

Visual of interactive map from NCA website

Our services also included interactive map functionality for:

  • Attractions section of the website

  • Diplomatic missions

  • Parking areas

  • Consolidation of different consultation types into a single listing

  • Consultation submission function with moderation function

  • Improved backend editing experience

Striking a balance between content and navigation

The NCA has a broad range of content and service information. Functional content, such as parking information, has very high traffic. Other content is more informative and educational. Our challenge was to strike a balance between content navigation and types in an intuitive and efficient manner.

The NCA's existing content management system contained a number of content types that were not being utilised. This made it confusing and time-consuming for their content editors to maintain. Our solution was to reduce the number of content types and ensure existing content could be migrated to the new website with no loss of information.

A design refresh with updated functionality

Icon used a thorough testing process to refine and validate content display – using an intuitive IA to balance the functional requirements and highlight the amazing events, attractions and resources the NCA offers.

During the development phase, we worked closely with the NCA team to retain only relevant content types and clean up legacy content. We also had to ensure content types were easy to understand and intuitive to use.

The end result is a more engaging and useful website with a new design and updated functionality. The backend editing experience has improved tremendously with fewer content types to manage and intuitive functionalities for content creation and maintenance.

See the new NCA website in action here.

Canberra visual