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Tram Safety Communication

Out of towners safety campaign

Helping out of towners tram safely

It’s possible to make tram safety famous with out of towners. In 2019, Yarra Trams ‘Tram Coach’ returned in a new campaign aimed at reducing falls and serious injuries to passengers visiting Melbourne, such as tourists, overseas students and people here on business.

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A campaign to show visitors how we tram

Trams are a Melbourne icon and one of the best ways to see the sights and experience an authentic slice of our great city. Tourists find it exciting to ride the tram for the first time, but unfortunately, many passenger falls involve visitors and first time travellers. A campaign was needed to prepare the unfamiliar for the challenges of tram travel with hints and tips to avoid slips, falls and trips.

Out of Towners - Tram Coach

Make tram safety famous with out of towners

Accidents often occur when first-time passengers are validating tickets or in the process of finding a seat. Tourists also leave their seats while the tram is still moving so they don’t miss their stop, which makes them vulnerable to a fall. We needed a circuit breaker to make tram safety famous with ‘out of towners’ and prepare them for safe travel. Like having their myki ready before they board and holding on as they ‘touch on’. Finding a seat and sitting whenever possible. And being mindful to grip handles when standing.

Wherever you’re from this is how we tram

The Icon Creative team developed a welcoming central theme: ‘Wherever you’re from, this is how we tram’. A cast of characters from far-away places was created to support the safety narrative, while Tram Coach brought his passion for safety to show them how to tram it Melbourne style. A digital campaign geo-targeting incoming visitors from regional Victoria as well as people identified as currently traveling in Melbourne serves content to show people the ropes. While tram stop outdoor, on board tram media and collateral in tourist hubs reminds them of how to tram safely while they’re here.

The new campaign also serves as an important and refreshed reminder about tram safety for regular commuters to drive home positive behaviour change.

Campaign collateral included:

  • A variety of film executions

  • Flyers targeting visitors and tourists

  • Tram shelter ad panels

  • Exterior and interior tram signage

  • Tram stop floor decals

  • Social media tiles and animated gifs

  • Digital banners