Brand + Content & creative + Web design & UX for Fullbridge


New brand and website for a freshly minted investment management firm

Drawing inspiration from the Australian and New Zealand landscapes

Fullbridge Capital forms long-term partnerships with specialist international investment managers to achieve their capital raising goals in Australia and New Zealand.

Fullbridge appointed Icon to deliver a new logo, brand and website for the firm.

Their new brand's colour palette is strong, confident and focused. Black, charcoal, warm grey, gold and pale yellow tones are drawn from evocative and inspirational landscapes.

Imagery reflects the firm's strength, longevity and commitment to long-term relationships.

top stem

A sophisticated, timeless and confident brand

Our brand strategy process helps organisation's frame their values and 'essence' in a clear and concise manner. For Fullbridge Captial these were the emotional benefits of Connection, Trust, Opportunity and Freedom; and rational benefits of Access, Efficiency and Expertise.

The firm's new logo is a sophisticated and professional typographic wordmark. A typographic ‘bridge’ is created by joining the lower case ‘l’s and upper case ‘B’ – symbolising a connection between investors, partners and the firm.

An accompanying style guide set the rules for brand colours, typography, image treatment and graphic layouts.

Strength and connection

Graphic imagery is drawn from the wordmark's letter forms – framing abstract photography into visual devices for use across website and print collateral. The devices express strength, longevity and connectedness.

full bridge graphics
full bridge graphic elements
fullbridge image examples

A clear and purposeful website

With the brand complete, Icon's digital team undertook discovery, prototyping, design and development of Fullbridge Capital's new website.

Built using a custom Wordpress theme, the website design is modern, confident and understated. It also reflects the firm's brand values and emotional and rational benefits.

Visit the Fullbridge capital website.