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Health Hub

Connecting patients to their healthcare information, appointments and medications

From single portal to a shared hub

A joint initiative by the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health and The Royal Women’s Hospital, ‘Health Hub’ was created from the Royal Children’s Hospital patient portal – My RCH Portal – as part of the Connecting Care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Program.

Icon was selected to deliver an end-to-end design solution for the project – ensuring a consistent user experience for the Hub’s brand, tone-of-voice and website look-and-feel.


Designing the Hub’s brand and attributes

The Health Hub logomark consists of two interlocking shapes that form a medical cross – indicating a central hub for healthcare services.

The curves express ease and compassion, while the angles and straight lines interlock to create a safe and secure icon.

The ‘arrow’ shape is straighter and uses dependable colours: Bright Blue, Calm Blue and Natural Green.

The ‘heart’ shape is rounder and uses compassionate colours: Warm Purple, Vibrant Pink and Soft Orange.

The range of colours represents the diversity of the Hub's users and services, and the smooth gradient transitions join them all together.

The Hub’s brand attributes – practical, compassionate, dependable and secure – form the ethos for Hub member organisations and their customers.

Branding guidelines
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Designing the Hub’s user interface

Starting with a functional and user requirements discovery session, Icon's UX team then moved to interface design, production of a component-based design system, and assembling page layouts.

The outcome is a web interface for the Hub that is as beautiful as it is usable. Form plus function in perfect harmony.

Health Hub