23 August 2018 How to best utilise influencer marketing

Brands are investing more time and money into influencer marketing than ever before. If done well, working with influencers can raise brand awareness and increase sales in an authentic manner.

However, sometimes finding the right influencers for your brand can be tricky, and proving the ROI can be even trickier.

Last week it was announced that government campaigns can no longer employ influencer marketing tactics. The decision was made after the Department of Health employed a series of Australian Instagrammers to promote their ‘Girls Make Your Move’ campaign, which encouraged young women to be more physically active.  

The controversy around the use of influencers began when it was uncovered that several of the influencers had promoted extreme dieting products and alcoholic beverages in the past.

This is a great example of why choosing the right influencer is essential to maintaining the authenticity of the campaign message. We’ve collected our best tips to help ensure that the next time you engage with an influencer you can feel confident that not only will they have a positive impact on your campaign, but that they are a credible fit for your brand.

How to find the right influencer

General knowledge
If you’re frequently working in the influencer space, having a general understanding of ‘who’s who in the zoo’ will assist when it comes to identifying the best influencers for your campaign. Not only will this help you identify influencers to engage with, it will enable you to keep up to date with what topics they are discussing, and allow you to ‘news jack’ the social space.

Trolling through Instagram to find the right influencer can be time-consuming, but sometimes it’s a great place to begin. Start with a famous blogger in the industry you’re interested in and find people that have similar pages to them using the arrow down button next to ‘Follow’. You can also check out the pages they follow because it’s likely they will be following people in similar industries or with similar interests to them.  

This is your saviour if you need to find influencers in a short period of time, or are searching in a sector that is new to you. Klear is an influencer search engine driven by AI. The platform allows you to search for influencers through keywords, location, size of following, etc. and offers in-depth insights into the demographic and psychographic data of influencers and their audience. The service comes at a premium price, but offers the credibility and support from partner Meltwater. If you're spending large amounts of time and resources searching for influencers it might be something to consider. 

TRIBE is a fantastic tool for connecting with micro-influencers. The platform allows brands to post a brief explaining what type of content they want and for influencers respond to the brief with their photos, captions and price. Brands can then pick and choose their favourites and publish through the website. It’s a one-stop shop for engaging micro-influencers and cuts down on the hours spent liaising with influencers via email. The best part is that it’s free to post a brief, and if you don’t like any of the content you’re not obliged to publish it.

The Right Fit
This platform is similar to TRIBE in that it enables brands to post briefs, and for influencers to respond with quotes, messages, etc. The platform features over 7,000 fully screened talent and connects you to a wide range of talent other than social media influencers, including models, actors, dancers, photographers, musicians, and stylists. It’s also great if you’re hosting an event and want to invite influencers, as it takes out a lot of the admin time of emailing everyone individually.

What does a good influencer look like?

  • High engagement – it’s all well and good to have a large following, but if no one is seeing or engaging with the content there’s not much point in engaging them.
  • Active audience – search through the comments to ensure their audience is responding and interested in what they are posting about. There is a difference between someone that posts pretty pictures on Instagram and someone that has great influence over their audience. Make sure they are admired and respected.
  • Authenticity – look for someone that isn’t posting about every brand that contacts them, but rather someone who only posts about products they love and use.
  • Understanding - work with people that either already know and love your brand, or give them a chance to try out your product/service before they post about it. Genuine reviews are the best, and if they like what you’re selling, they’ll talk about even when they’re not receiving money.  

How to measure the value of influencer campaigns  

Depending on the goals of an influencer campaign, different metrics will be measured. Below are five common goals, and how to effectively determine the ROI.  

If you are using influencers to promote online sales, using a customised discount code is a great way to track sales. Ensure you use different codes for different influencers in order to track individual success. This can also inform who you choose to engage next campaign.

Use your analytics page to track growth. To effectively measure this metric, compare you average daily page growth, with the growth on the day your influencer posted.

If brand awareness is your campaign goal, then impressions are the most important metric to measure. They tell you how many people viewed that piece of content, and the more people you can reach, the better it is for brand exposure. This data is only visible to the influencer that is posting, so acquiring the metrics is something that should be discussed at the beginning of your partnership.  

Creating an engaged audience is important to many influencer campaigns, so the number of likes, comments, shares and reactions a post gets is an important metric to measure. Unlike impressions, engagement can be seen by everyone.

Encouraging your followers to tag you in posts and to create content for the campaign are great ways to build an engaged audience. This goal requires a manual count of the amount of content that has been created during the campaign.  

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