24 April 2018 Justin Armsden appointed as Head of Media

Icon Agency appoints former A Current Affair Victorian Bureau Chief Justin Armsden bolstering crisis management and media training services

We are so excited to further extended our expertise in media and PR sector with the appointment of Justin Armsden, former Victorian State Bureau Chief at A Current Affair, as Head of Media. 

As one of Australia’s leading media experts, Justin is an award-winning print journalist for News Limited, with nearly 30 years’ experience behind him. Prior to holding the post as Victorian State Bureau Chief for A Current Affair, Justin was an anchor for CNN International in London. All these experiences give Justin a unique insight into the media landscape across all platforms, with in-depth knowledge of newsrooms and the best approach when dealing with journalists.

Icon Agency Managing Director, Joanne Painter, mentioned at Icon, Justin will play a strategic role in issue and crisis management, as well as media training and presentation. 

“Having a media guru like Justin in house is something many agencies can only dream of. Justin’s addition to the team will further lift the calibre of our media training, issue and crisis management, and media relations. These are the fields that benefit particularly from profound experience in the industry, and hence Justin is a perfect fit.” 

Says Justin Armsden, “I had worked with Jo for more than a decade even before joining the Icon team. I’m really impressed by Icon’s integrated service model and confident I can bring valuable expertise developed during my 30 years in journalism. We’ve already hit the ground running with some fantastic projects, including finessing Icon’s media kit and producing Icon Insights video series, along with a string of monumental wins across the agency.” 

Our new Icon Insights video series is lead by Justin. See the first edition here