03 October 2017 September’s most useful new research, data and insights

September saw the release of a truck load of new data and insights relevant to the worlds of marketing, communications and digital. In fact, there was so much that it was hard to keep up.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled the best stuff in one easy-to-scan place.

Authenticity matters most in the noisy travel and tourism sector

When it comes to travel brands, authenticity and usability are the primary loyalty drivers according to a new study from DMA. Some of the key findings included:

Top three traits for travel brands:

  • Value for money (59%)
  • Easy to use (58%)
  • Good customer service (58%)

Top reasons for loyalty:

  • Good service experience (53%)
  • Good deals (40%)
  • Good loyalty or rewards scheme (40%)

When future gazing, around half of consumers are interested in engaging in travel through the latest technology:

  • 53% would preview a hotel in VR
  • 52% would use a chat bot to contact an airline
  • 51% would share airport location information for targeted communications
  • 44% would use augmented reality at sites and attractions

You can read the full study here.

Consumers growing increasingly tired of hard-sell emails

Adobe’s Consumer Email Survey has unearthed some interesting findings about email marketing preferences.

The headline statistic from the study is that 40% of consumers say that they want email content to be less promotional and more informative.

Other key findings included:

  • 50% cited getting emails too often as the most annoying thing when receiving email offers from brands
  • 26% of customers are checking email first thing in the morning while still in bed, a 28% decrease from last year
  • 20% of respondents “never check” email outside of work hours, a 43% increase compared to last year

The full Adobe survey results can be found here.

Facebook engagement for brands and publishers falls (again)

The increasing competitiveness within the Facebook ecosystem is making it harder and harder for brands to stand out.

A new study from BuzzSumo which analysed over 880 million Facebook posts indicates engagements have fallen over 20% since January 2017.

Image posts have suffered the most while video content has remained the most solid during that period.

This data is yet another reminder for brands to invest in quality over quantity and to support hero content with ad spend to cut through the noise.

The original story can be found here.

Female influencers say Snapchat isn’t for them

While Snapchat has gained traction around the world, especially among younger audiences, female influencers aren’t as enamoured with the platform.

According to a Collective Bias poll of power users, the most important platforms for their personal brands are:

  • Instagram (28%)
  • Pinterest (26%)
  • Blog (25%)
  • Facebook (14%)
  • Twitter (6%)

Interestingly, YouTube ranked poorly among this group as well. Check out more stats for the study here.

We’ll be back with another round-up of stats that caught our eye next month.