Campaign Review: The brands targeting young audiences

The below snippets are from Mumbrella's article: 'Campaign Review: The brands targeting young audiences'.

This week in Campaign Review, Michael Knox, executive creative director at Icon Agency, It's Friday's head of strategy, Heather Sheen, and Daye Moffitt, executive strategy officer at Houston Group, share their thoughts on Gen Z-targeted campaigns from Virgin Australia, NAB, and McDonald's.

Our Executive Creative Director, Michael Knox was invited to share his thoughts on the below campaign from NAB.

"Faced with the challenge of providing my opinion on what Millennials think, I asked my most trusted younger workmates what they thought instead."

Brand: NAB

Campaign: Wrangle Your Money

Agency: TBWA\Melbourne

The verdict: Rogue, but relevant. Only scratches the surface of Generation Z.

Helping you wrangle your money

Michael gave it an 8.5/10, and said:

When you’re a bank, how do you speak to your Gen Z customer? Especially in this day of ‘cozzy livs’ where most young people are struggling to make ends meet. NAB opted for a rogue approach, hosting funerals for expensive, loved objects to save money for a Euro summer. Funerals for a dearly beloved cropped puffer and a daily oat latte are great fun, albeit a bit grim to see a funeral pop up on your screen to promote a bank.

NAB also did well rolling out this campaign across relevant channels, such as Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, and by doing so put themselves in front of the right audience often. The ‘Wrangle Your Money’ campaign finds creative ways of handling your cash and in tough times this is both useful and entertaining. Overall, it is a smart and relatable way of helping people – and mostly younger people get a grip on their spending and the motivation to farewell the local 2am kebab.