Work experience week at Icon

This blog was written by Year 10 work experience student, Amber.

Work experience with Icon Agency

This week I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Icon Agency, as part of my Year 10 work experience. Having jumped into interesting meetings and conferences, shared my ideas regarding social media updates, learned new skills, and seen what it's like to be a part of a PR agency, I can say I’m truly inspired and looking forward to heading down a similar career path in the future. It’s hard to decide what you want to be when you're only a Year 10 student, but being in this incredible workplace has shown me some of the endless possibilities of working at an agency like Icon.

What I spent my time doing

I started my week by learning what PR is all about; what the job entails and how many different departments and opportunities there are at Icon. I was busy sitting in on meetings as staff organised their plans for the week and discussed how they can achieve their goals – which helped me pick up key PR skills and understand what it takes to be in this industry.

On Tuesday, I was able to listen in on a big conference meeting in which the team discussed some really important plans. I enjoyed being a part of something so exciting and learning how much work and effort go into these jobs, as well as how to overcome issues by problem-solving and coming up with new ideas. The opportunity to listen and take notes on some of the amazing ideas other people had was a great insight into the creativity and hard work that goes on in a workplace like this. Plus, getting to eat the delicious, fully catered lunch was a small bonus on the side!

Later in the week, I did some marketing work. This involved doing research, learning about Icon’s social media platforms, coming up with new ideas, and filming some content as well.

Why Icon was the best choice for me

For anyone doing work experience and looking for a place to work for the week, I advise you to choose somewhere that will be the most beneficial for you, so you can make the most of the experience. Choosing the right place can help you set yourself up for the future, and inform those big decisions about what career path you’d like to pursue.

I am beyond grateful for everything I’ve learned during my time here, and the opportunities I got to experience. I have come away learning so much and I am sad to leave such an amazing workplace. To any students looking for work experience in a similar field, I highly recommend checking out Icon Agency.

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