Purpose, hybrid work and talent wars

The below snippet was included in AdNews' article 'Talent War - How agencies are encouraging employee belonging when WFH'

Chris Dodds, Co-founder and Managing Director – Digital at Icon Agency told AdNews: “Remuneration is important, however, it’s only one factor that employees look to when choosing an employer. Culture, capacity to learn and progress, hybrid work arrangements and perks are all part of the mix.

“At Icon we’ve noticed a growing shift towards employees looking to move to more purposeful work – a commitment hard-baked into our ethos. In fact, pretty much every new person we’ve interviewed over the last few months has mentioned a desire to work on projects that will have a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

“We believe this attitudinal shift will continue to develop alongside remuneration factors – especially for younger team members who are rightly demanding change and work for good.”