Vivid Ideas: equality, creativity and inspiration

The Icon team attended a variety of talks at Sydney’s annual festival of lights, music and ideas. We heard from former FOX News anchor, Gretchen Carlson; The Ideas Bodega founder, Nicole Velik; and Australia’s own Lisa Wilkinson.

Here’s what our Sales & Business Development Manager, Jasmina Matic took away from the ‘Unlock my creative genius’ session with Nicole Velik.

“As someone who has always sought inspiration from the world around me, my big takeaway was that you can't always wait for the right environment to be creative.

As Nicole reminded us, you can be your own creative muse. Perhaps not entirely revelatory, but certainly after the last two years of lockdown living, and with my three-year-old tagging along for the session, this idea was one that I needed to hear again.

Sometimes you just need the right techniques to think about the challenge in a different way. (Nicole talked us through her nine tips on reinstating/empowering creative confidence in people regardless of industry.)”

unlock your creative genius