On purpose! Why Adland should be proud of creating real & positive change

Andrew North headshot

This article was originally posted in B&T.

In this guest post, Andrew North (main photo), creative director at Icon Agency says one of the great joys of working in advertising is being able to enact real and active change…

When it comes to what we do in this profession of ours, the answer is usually pretty simple.

(Although, in the increasingly media-diverse landscape that exists today, that answer is perhaps not quite as clear as it once was.)

We create content. The term ‘advertising’ feels somewhat outmoded these days, but by most people’s definitions, that’s still what it is. We take messages and information, we refine them into a version that will grab the attention of those we wish to grab, and we send it out to the world. Or at least, a more minutely targeted version of the world. But the question that’s worthy of deeper examination, is why we do it.

Sure, we all earn a decent living and are duly recognised for what we do, especially if we’re particularly good at it.

But our motivation has to be more than just remuneration and recognition. It may of course depend upon your perspective, and who you are, and what you’ve done so far in your life in this business.

No two motivations are the same.

But, for what it’s worth, I’d like to offer my own, personal perspective.

On purpose.

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