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Fair access to Allied Health for all


With a federal election looming in 2022, AHPA appointed Icon Agency to develop and launch a pre-election campaign calling for the federal government to provide greater consideration and funding for allied health services across Australia. Allied Health needed a voice for change.

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Allied Health Professions Australia is the recognised national voice for allied health professions, representing and advocating for the role of allied health professionals in health, aged care, disability, education and all systems where allied health services have a role.


Allied health professionals can help alleviate the pain of every Australian before it gets worse, but because of astronomical out-of-pocket expenses and lack of national coverage, not every Australian in pain can access allied health.

Allied health professionals have the answer to Australians’ pain, but politicians and key care decision-makers are not listening.


The Australian Government has largely seen these forms of care (AH) as an afterthought, taking a short-term mentality to address national health requirements.

Allied Health needed a voice for change. With a clear lack of visibility and articulation of its value within the health and care sector, our politicians will simply not act upon it. The allied health workforce and the Australian people need to be heard.

campaign banner with a purple background, showing a distressed young asian girl in black and white. The text reads: What does suffering sound like? Health services you need too far away? Australians' suffering must be heard. Vote for better access to allied health services


Our campaign aimed to achieve fair access to allied health services for every individual, ending the suffering caused by lack of access to appropriate allied health services. Allied health services play a vital role in the Australian health system, offering diverse, preventive, collaborative, holistic and cost-efficient care and support.

However, we recognised the disparity in accessing these services, depriving many of the potential improvements in their wellbeing and quality of life. To address this issue, we called for federal government intervention to bring about transformative change and ensure that everyone received the attention and relief they deserve.

Two informational campaign posters, the first titled 'Fairer access to allied health services' with an image of an older woman with a headache, and the second titled 'Make your vote count', with an image of a young man with neck pain

Many joined us in our mission, participating by sharing their experiences, and making their votes count in the federal election.


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Image of an older woman with a headache, who is holding her hands to her temples. The text reads: 'What does suffering sound like? Gap fees hurting you? Australians' suffering must be heard. Vote for more funding for allied health services.'