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Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

A GovCMS PaaS website for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

The national
regulator of

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is the national regulator of charities.

They help charities and the public understand and meet obligations through information, guidance, advice and other support. This requires them to register organisations as charities and help managers understand their reporting requirements.

ACNC have a ‘digital by default’ mandate requiring outdated systems to be updated in an appropriate, fit-for-purpose and sustainable manner to deliver long-term efficiencies to best support the charity sector.

Icon was chosen to deliver this major upgrade based on our deep understanding of GovCMS and best-in-class UX/UI capabilities.

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Synchronising a website redo with a systems upgrade program

The ACNC had decided to replace key business systems with a Systems Upgrade Program. The entire system was to use Dynamics as the source of truth and be able to display some of this information publicly on the website for over 75,000 Australian charities. ACNC also needed a simple way to show resources to their users to help them meet their obligations.
The new website needed to be developed on the GovCMS PaaS platform and meet WCAG accessibility requirements. Icon was chosen in part due to our extensive experience developing in GovCMS and user-driven UX/UI design solutions.

Making data for 75,000 charities accessible

Connecting Dynamics to GovCMS to transfer publicly available charity information in near real-time was a challenge we were up for.

75,000 + charities and associated reporting documents meant we would receive over 500,000 files which needed to be split into 1.2 million content types – all stored efficiently within a Drupal database for searching.

The outcome is seamless, efficient and super-fast to search. It also looks great and is easy to use through the use of tabbed charity pages and dynamic chart rendering.

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ACNC mobile examples

A content focussed outcome built for speed

Icon prioritised development of the GovCMS system with a modern and user-centric design allowing the ACNC content team to start on the site as soon as possible. Our focus was then on the Charity Register. With so much user-generated data we worked tirelessly to develop a consistent display that adhered to the ACNC rules and requirements.

The outcome is a beautifully designed and solidly developed website that allows the ACNC to continue its important work supporting the Australian charity sector.

Delivered for ACNC:

  • Digital style guide

  • Website wireframes and prototypes

  • Website interface design

  • Front end development

  • Govcms paas development

  • Dynamics data integration