Brand + Content & creative + Web design & UX for ABCC

The Australian Building and Construction Commission

Designing a brand mark, content authoring and GovCMS website

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is the Australian Government agency responsible for ensuring that building work in Australia is carried out fairly, efficiently and productively – for the benefit of industry employers and workers, and for the Australian economy as a whole.

Icon Agency was appointed to redesign and redevelop a new ABCC website to ensure it served a diverse set of user needs in a clear and helpful manner. The overhaul required deep user analysis, feedback from a broad range of building industry participants, plain English content authoring, and a new information architecture. Icon was also tasked with designing a new brand mark, brand essence and style guide to coincide with the website launch.

Homepage design

A modern
and inclusive
brand mark

Underpinning the launch of the ABCC’s new website is a modern brand mark, new colour palette, and supporting style guide. The ABCC brand mark consists of the ABCC acronym and the ‘Connective Square’ graphic device. The four corners of the Connective Square represent four key participant groups in the Australian Building and Construction Industry: employees, employers, union officials, and site managers.

Style Guide example

A beautifully
designed and
well crafted
user experience

Icon worked with the ABCC project team to overhaul the information architecture, modernise the organisation’s brand, and enhance the website user experience. Content also need to be converted into plain English – helping users understand context and directing them to more detailed information as required.

A new architecture, UX approach and smart functionality helps user access content across a broad range of devices and screen sizes. The use of tool-tips, recommended resources and case studies provides layers of information at a glance and touch.

We think the new ABCC website is one of the best ever deployed using GovCMS.

Background gradient
Design examples

Client feedback

“When we set out to redevelop we knew we had a huge task ahead. We wanted to restructure, rewrite, and redesign our website from the ground up, with a focus on the needs of our stakeholders.
With a project covering so many aspects we knew we needed an integrated agency to help us bring it all together. Icon worked with us every step of the way, advocating for good practice and guiding us to make the right decisions to get the outcomes we needed.
Working with a single agency on all aspects of our project meant that every aspect was coordinated and nothing fell through the cracks. We knew we could trust that the brand elements would work across all of our templates; that stakeholder needs analysis would inform the content and IA design; that the UX/UI designs would translate to the development environment; and that we could successfully deploy the site on govCMS.”

Kate Brookes
Manager, Education and Communication
Australian Building and Construction Commission