Behaviour change + Brand + Content & creative for North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network

After hours care is always there

Our hospital emergency
departments are full of

It’s late at night
and you need
a doctor. Where
do you go?

Unfortunately, too many people run straight for the hospital emergency department with minor ailments. In 2019, Icon was appointed by the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) to help people find the best after hours medical treatment for all their non-emergencies.

After hours care is always there – broken nose

Stop the panic and make a better medical choice

Our biggest challenge was talking to people who, when ‘caught in the moment’, will feel panicked by the severity of their symptoms. This includes parents confronted by a toddler with a mystery fever or young adults fearful of a new pain that needs sorting out. Both groups need help assessing their medical condition and recognising if they can be treated by an after hours practitioner, or need to go to emergency. Reducing panic and offering assurance would be key.


After hours care is always there

The Icon creative team set out to build an indelible brand for after hours medical services and set them up as a more compelling alternative to hospital casualty. The creative platform – After hours care is always there – was designed to both reassure and create memorability around a new brand that is effectively competing with an emergency response. Hyperbolic executions cut through the banality of the medical category, while playfully highlighting typical medical conditions that can be treated by seeking medical services from the ‘Healthdirect’ app. The campaign launched 17 February 2019.

Campaign collateral included

  • Outdoor print and digital billboards

  • Large format street posters

  • Public convenience posters

  • Internal train posters

  • Social media posts and ads

  • Digital pre-roll and social video content

  • Radio

  • PR launch event collateral

  • Large scale guerrilla marketing neon sign