23 August 2018 How we engage Chinese communities

As per the 2016 Australian Census, the population of Chinese Australians has risen to 1.4 million. More than two thirds of these speak Chinese, making it the most commonly spoken language in Australia second to English.

As a trailblazer, Icon constantly seeks to unearth hidden opportunities that may lead to greater outcomes for our clients.

With the creation of our Icon China department, we have successfully engaged Chinese communities to further enhance our integrated campaigns.

We achieved this by developing Chinese social media and public relations strategies dedicated to communicating with the local and inbound Chinese communities.

Below are just a few examples of campaigns where Icon China has played an important role.

Yarra Trams

Over the past two years, Yarra Trams encountered a surge of on-board incidents where passengers slipped, tripped and fell on Melbourne trams.

Yarra Trams expressed the need for a communications campaign that helped raise awareness of on-board safety. Icon was engaged thanks to our creative mindset and integrated service model.

Icon delivered a multi-channel behaviour-change campaign titled ‘This is How We Tram’ to promote travel safety on trams. Compelling as the key messages where, Icon realised that there still existed a large group of tram passengers who are more receptive to messages in Chinese, especially Chinese tourists and elderly Chinese people living in Melbourne.

Without altering the campaign’s creative approach, Icon developed a Chinese media engagement strategy and produced a set of key messages that resonate with the community.

WeChat and Weibo are pivotal when it comes to communications with the vast majority of the Chinese community. Considering the major demographics of the community,
however, Icon mainly targeted local Chinese media in Australia.

Icon secured at least six pieces of coverage in local Chinese-language media outlets, including SBS Mandarin, Chinese Melbourne Daily and 1688.com.au. The “Chinese arm” enabled the campaign to help convey its key messages to an additional 500,000 people.

Caydon Property Group

Caydon Property Group is one of Melbourne’s leading property developers. An epitome of Caydon’s philosophy is the outstanding ‘Ivanhoe Apartments’ project in Melbourne.

The fast-growing Caydon Property Group planned to explore new markets via innovative marketing channels. Whilst Caydon Property Group was already selling to overseas investors through established channel partners, they hoped to start interacting directly with different market segments, particularly Chinese buyers.

Icon led an eight-week integrated and content-led campaign for Caydon Property Group, targeting Chinese buyers in Melbourne, through social media channels, WeChat and Weibo.

Using a suite of content assets (social media posts, images, video, web tiles, short editorial stories and media releases), Icon highlighted two of Caydon’s most popular projects, Ivanhoe Apartments (Ivanhoe) and Hall Street (Moonee Ponds).

Icon secured six feature articles on WeChat and Weibo, which achieved more than 294,015 combined views and led to a number of sales enquiries.

At Icon Agency, we understand the different dynamics of the Chinese media and excel at identifying and engaging suitable ambassadors for the brand.

Whether as a supportive component within an integrated communication campaign or simply as a strategic Chinese marketing project, Icon endeavours to help you seamlessly communicate with the fast-growing Australian Chinese community.

Learn more about our Chinese offerings here. To get in contact, please email Joanne at [email protected]