Icon Agency launches 'AuStyle Editor' GPT

OpenAI has recently unveiled its groundbreaking custom GPT service, enabling anyone to create a specialised agent tailored to their unique expertise and knowledge.

Seizing this opportunity, we've developed the 'AuStyle Editor', a writing and editing assistant expertly versed in the Australian Style Manual, best practices for web writing and SEO, and aligned with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Screen grab of the AuStyle website interface

The roadmap for OpenAI is transparent and ambitious. Their growth strategy, inspired by the successful models of Apple and Google, hinges on community-driven developers and the upcoming launch of a GPT Store. This approach mirrors the pivotal role app stores played in the expansion of these tech giants.

At Icon, we're exploring the vast potential of custom agents. Whether streamlining repetitive tasks in business departments like HR and IT support, or commercialising highly specialised, expertly trained agents, our focus is on practical innovation.

Our commitment goes beyond technology adoption. We aim to ensure our team is not only proficient in these new tools but also compliant and continually relevant. In an era where knowledge becomes a commodity, the real value lies in curious and creative minds using these tools to forge new methods of work and engagement, unlocking the immense potential of the data and possibilities they offer.

We're eager to hear your thoughts on the AuStyle Editor. Please share your suggestions and experiences with us at chris@iconagency.com.au

If you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you can use the AuStyle Editor here.