Life after likes: will more brands follow Lush in going anti-social?

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This commentary was published in Campaign Asia's article 'Life after likes: will more brands follow Lush in going anti-social?'

Shannon O'Neill, digital and social director, Icon Agency, says that while shifting some budget to KOL marketing is a great way to drive awareness that cuts through the noise and resonates with the target audience, it's still best to maintain a social presence.

"If you’re investing in KOL collaboration, it’s always best to have your own presence on social media too," says O'Neill. "This is so that the KOL has somewhere to direct audiences who are looking for more information and it allows the brand to actively engage with the audience who may be commenting on the content."

And O'Neill adds that given social shopping is a trend that is likely to continue to rise in 2023, this social commerce element only adds to the importance of needing a presence on social platforms. "For brands using KOL marketing to promote products, having an in-platform shop will be a key driver of sales in the coming years and one which makes having a presence on social platforms more than worthwhile."

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