Turning a ‘big idea’ into an award-winning campaign

The most powerful communication campaigns are the ones that tell the truth, showing your target audience the reality of the situation.

Part of the challenge is developing this ‘big idea’.
The ‘big idea’ isn’t always easy to find, but it’s what gives your campaign effective, compelling multi-platform messaging that promotes awareness, conversation and change.

‘You Haven’t Been Drinking Alone’, Icon’s award-winning integrated campaign for the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, is the perfect example of what this looks like.

We sat down with the people behind the campaign, including Icon’s Hazel Tiernan, Andrew North and Fiona Nwoke, to explain how a ‘big idea’ helped us challenge preconceived notions and raise awareness of a national issue.

Watch below.

Turning a ‘big idea’ into an award-winning behaviour change campaign

‘You Haven’t Been Drinking Alone’ was recently nominated for three SABRE awards. You can learn more here.