5 Things We Learned at Mumbrella CommsCon

Gathering in Pyrmont’s Doltone House with hundreds of industry peers for Mumbrella’s 2021 CommsCon felt a little more special to us this year after months of seeing colleagues, clients and partners through screens. While the world may have started to fall down around our ears, the services of PR & Communications professionals in the past 12 months have been even more integral to the success of so many organisations facing the global pandemic.

Taking time to step away from the day-to-day and reflect on the work and successes of the previous year is always invaluable. But this year, we were inspired to hear from so many PR professionals on how, as an industry, we’ve not only overcome the various challenges that 2020 presented but have adapted to create empathetic, honest, bolder work that helps to cut through the noise and achieve real results.

We all have a responsibility to triumph over trolls

Trolls are not new. Negative and hateful commentary is a very unfortunate bi-product of a platform designed to build connection. But with our obsession with social media showing no signs of slowing down and the sheer snowball effect that singular pieces of content can have - we must all be mindful of how we’re telling a story and whose story it is to tell. As Sefiani showed with their approach to telling Quaden Bayles’ story after his family were targeted, working with compassion, empathy and patience will always yield better results.

Be more like a Fintech

Much can be learnt from the Fintech revolution in Australia and around the world, not least from a communications perspective. The entrepreneurial spirit of Fintechs such as Wise has made room for these brands to be nimble, honest and accountable. With success and growth, often comes additional red tape and the bold approach of Fintech’s is a reminder for us to always challenge the status quo.

Content is King

As OPR’s ‘Future of Content’ report shows, whether it’s the rise of long-form articles, using ‘search’ as the origin for creative or developing pieces that are ‘weirdly satisfying’, content is king. Creating the right type of content that truly cuts through the noise to resonate with audiences is key to success and should be a key consideration from campaign ideation.

We must be authentic in our activism

Millennials are increasingly making up more and more of the workforce and we’re demanding that brands care more. But while it’s important to stand for something, it’s more important not to stand for anything. Just as it’s a natural fit for The Body Shop championing for change within the beauty industry, it is our responsibility in communications to ensure we are standing up for issues that align with the heart of our organisation.

Showing up is still the key

As Behavioural Science shows us the impact of the ‘mere exposure effect’, simply showing up is still half the journey on the way to success. Being present is the key to building brand salience and more than ever, ensuring that we’re showing up in the right places, at the right time in the right way, is imperative.