Future-proofing your brand through human-centred design

We believe great digital service design lies at the intersection of technology, empathy and usability.

Human-centred design is a big part of what we do at Icon Agency.

Design systems, component libraries and accessibility-first thinking are revolutionising the way digital experiences are built and delivered.

But what does this look like in practice? What key components should be considered when creating an online experience? And how can these concepts and methodologies be used to inspire better online experiences?

We’ve put together a human-centred design masterclass (split over four short videos) with three members of Icon’s Digital Team - Senior Digital Producer, Gerard Roche, UX Design Director, Matt White and UX Designer, Luke Matthews.

In this four-part series, they explain the theory behind why human-centred design works, and share some examples of Icon putting this thinking into practice – which you can use to future-proof your brand.

Part 1: The Human-Centred Design Process

Good design empathises with the user. We explain the human-centred design process, and how we implemented it with one of our clients - the NDIS.

7 minute watch.

The Human-Centered Design process

Part 2: Accessibility as a standard

Impairments create barriers. These can be overcome with good design. We explain why accessibility should be a standard - not an option.

2 minute watch.

Accessibility as a standard_v12

Part 3: The three levels of emotional design

There are three levels of emotional design - visceral, behavioural and reflective design. Here's why it's so important to get them all right.

3 minute watch.

The 3 levels of emotional design

Part 4: Why you need a design system

Design systems rise where traditional style guides fail. We share a system we developed for the Department of Defence, and explain why you need one.

5 minute watch.

Why you need a design system

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