Career Map website for Wayfinder

Woman standing on truck

In an industry that is a traditionally male domain, Wayfinder is changing the status quo.

Icon’s digital team recently launched a new career map website for Wayfinder – a program designed to achieve a better gender balance in the supply chain and logistics industry, and help businesses become more successful by increasing access to great talent.

Wayfinder breaks down industry stereotypes and rethinks talent acquisition, retention and promotion. Their new website gives job hunters the ability to review career opportunities across 15 supply chain logistics and related areas – everything from strategy and management, through to IT, customer service and HR.

Users are able to browse expected salary ranges for each role, see key responsibilities and skills, and understand what career progression looks like. They can also review courses from across Australian universities and see career opportunities from across the industry.

Visit the Wayfinder Career Map site and see if a future career awaits!

Wayfinder website