Meet some of our new team

We're excited to announce some incredible new additions to our team. This increase has been driven by a range of recent business wins, including a new partnership with the Department of Home Affairs which is seeing an expansion of Icon Agency's content capabilities.

Meet Chris Bartlett and Abdul Hammoud, who both bring a specific set of expertise (and personality!) to this project.

chris bartlett

Chris Bartlett

Content Director

I've been a journalist with newspapers and newspaper websites around the world since the early 1980s, starting as a sports reporter (love my footy) and general reporter, columnist, movie critic, sub-editor, chief sub-editor, page designer, section editor, news editor and digital editor with titles in Darwin, Adelaide, Townsville, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Beijing, Shanghai, Auckland and Brisbane.

I spent the past five years as News Corp’s network creative manager, where I worked with a team of graphic designers, developers, video producers and SEO specialists producing special content for and the company's metro mastheads, including the Herald Sun.

I ride bikes, bushwalk and, until three years ago, was still playing AFL, until the complaints from my knee became too loud to ignore. These days I umpire instead. Note: There is more to goal umpiring than you might think.

abdul hammoud

Abdul Hammoud

Senior Account Executive (Content & Social)

I fell into performing by accident. I had a terrible stutter growing up and responded to it with high-pressure speaking roles of all kinds. This meant diving into debate club at school, acting and, of course, performance poetry. I’m proud to say it helped with the stutter and I got pretty good at performing! It led me to an 11-year-long career performing, teaching and creating both nationally and internationally.

I’m not entirely sure why a past marketing team thought it was a good idea to hire me as a content curator, but they did. There I learned about professional writing, marrying it to creative writing, SEO, KPIs and all the other abbreviations.

My upbringing as a Muslim, connections with the community and acquired experience in marketing has helped shape my journey to Icon Agency. It’s a new and different experience that’s dynamic, always evolving and most importantly, it’s nice to be around such incredibly intelligent people I can learn from and listen to.

My interests include sneaker culture, hip-hop and starting books but misplacing them before I finish reading them.