TEDx Melbourne appoints Icon Agency

We’re delighted to share that Icon Agency has recently been appointed as PR partner to TEDxMelbourne.

Throughout June, July and August, our team will be helping to deliver its 2018 event titled ‘The Great Unknown – Who we’ve been. What we’ll become’.

TEDx is an innovative organisation that encourages us all to push the boundaries of what we think we know and believe, something which aligns closely to our own ethos of pursuing possibility.

Encouraging disruption of thought and process is an ideology that runs throughout our agency and is encouraged in order to help produce the most creative and insightful work.

Icon believes it’s important for us all to consider what lies ahead whether in business or our personal lives and this TEDx theme is a great catalyst for that.

Celebrating some of the greatest minds in the country, the event will tackle ideas including: “are we more than just numbers in an increasingly data-driven society?” and “what does it mean to belong in a consistently changing and disconnected world?”

TEDxMelbourne Licensee & Curator, Jon Yeo, said: “TEDxMelbourne believes in pushing boundaries and changing perspectives. That made working with Icon an easy decision and natural fit for our mutual brands future direction together.”

Our goal is to help encourage Melburnians to first understand what the event is going to be about and then to encourage patrons to purchase tickets.

This partnership is a great fit for our team and we embrace the challenge of increasing TEDxMelbourne’s profile across the region.

If you’ve ever pondered about who you are, who you’ll become and what the future of our society looks like in this rapidly digitalised world- then this year’s TEDxMelbourne event has something for you.

The event is set to take place on Monday 13 August at The Meat Market, North Melbourne and you can get tickets at TEDxMelbourne.