Deakin Digital get voice biometrics technology

Credentialing provider DeakinDigital now has speaker recognition functionality built into its online assessment platform.

Icon’s digital team, responsible for DeakinDigital’s website and the MyDeakinDigital member portal, has integrated voice verification software into the member portal. Candidates are required to register their voice using voice biometrics technology, which has previously been used primarily by clients in banking and government.

DeakinDigital is pioneering in the field of micro-credentials, which measure professional experience and validates this in the form of digital badges. Backed by Deakin University, DeakinDigital’s Professional Practice Credentials are a world-first alternative to traditional higher education.

DeakinDigital CTO Michael Tan says, “Education and assessment are increasingly undertaken online and verifying that the candidate is who they say they are offers credibility and assurance for employees and employers alike. The voice verification solution forms part of a larger identity verification service, which means that credentialing can be done online, at large scale and still remain secure, valid and user-friendly.”

During the credential assessment process, applicants submit testimonials and evidence from their professional experience and also participate in online video interviews with assessors.

Candidates will now register their voice at MyDeakinDigital. During the interview, the system will verify that the candidate’s voice matches the voice of the person who registered. This voice profile is continuously updated to cater for changes in the candidate’s voice over a period of time.

Icon’s digital team built the integration part into the existing member portal using the ArmorVox Speaker Identity System architected by DeakinDigital’s Michael Tan. Icon Director of Digital Chris Dodds says, “Voice biometrics is at the leading edge of machine learning technology and is fairly new in terms of market application. Taking an existing technology—in this case one that is most typically used in audio and telephony systems—and implementing it in a web environment is always challenging and exciting.”

Icon undertook design, development, testing and launch of the new technology. The system is live on the MyDeakinDigital platform.