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Celebrating an important milestone in Australia's intelligence history

Educating Australians on the country's collective security

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is Australia’s foresign signals intelligence and security agency operating within the Defence portfolio. In April 2022, the ASD celebrated its 75th anniversary, a major milestone in the organisation's history, providing a key moment to educate Australians about their important role and contribution to the country's collective security.

Icon Agency partnered with the ASD to support them in their celebration of this milestone, with the creation of an updated website and supporting video and photography content to be used across all owned channels.

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Inspiring and attracting a workforce of the future

ASD's purpose is to defend Australia from global threats and help advance Australia's national interests. They are Australia’s oldest intelligence agency, yet very little is known about them. The 75th milestone offered an opportunity to educate Australian’s about their stories of integrity, success and sacrifice and position the work they do as of the utmost importance to Australia and Australian lives.

The increasingly complex environment in which ASD operates requires high-quality individuals, well equipped to deliver the technical and analytical skills required to orchestrate its cyber and signals intelligence activities. As part of the 75th celebrations, a priority for the ASD was to inspire and attract a workforce of the future, with the website and its supporting content playing an important role in this communication.


An opportunity to uncover some mystery

First and foremost, the 75th anniversary marked a moment to celebrate the ASD’s work to date; however it also provided an opportunity to uncover some mystery to the public. We needed to communicate what the ASD does and for what purpose, not only to raise awareness and build trust with the Australian public, but also to support the ASD’s wider recruitment and engagement efforts for attracting new talent.

While functional, the ASD website wasn’t fit for purpose. A key outtake was that It had limited real estate on the homepage and landing pages, meaning significant events or campaigns could not surface on high trafficking pages.

The landing pages were also very text-intensive, making the content less engaging to their target audiences.

Running concurrently with the website design and creative ideation of the supporting assets, the ASD was going through a minor re-branding exercise. This made the early design stages challenging, with the extent of the visual identity updates unknown. Icon worked closely with the ASD team to adapt quickly to information as it was approved to ensure time frames could be met and the creative assets worked with the new identity.

History background

A user focused solution

Icon worked closely with the ASD to develop their new website to ensure we achieved a more user focused and logical information architecture. In the initial stages we explored how the ASD could better utilise their homepage and landing pages to promote campaigns and events. We then presented these solutions back as a proof of concept in the form of a low fidelity prototype.

To overcome the uncertainty of the updated branding guidelines, we also ensured that we were able to update the design concept when implemented onto the GovCMS platform easily via CSS amendments. This resulted in a contemporary, yet simple, website with functional ability to support ASD’s future campaigns and events.

For the content, we adopted a stacked video storytelling approach to create a suite of themed digital assets to be used across the ASD’s owned channels. The videos tackled key communication pillars in response to their challenges, including insight into who the ASD are, their history and the types of people who work there and the roles available.

Screenshots from the film

75th anniversary launch

Icon was thrilled to see the newly developed website launched in line with the 75th anniversary on 1 April 2022, supported by the strong and engaging video and photography content.

The website and creative content can be viewed at


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