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Reflecting Icon's integrated approach, the team includes creatives, digital strategists, social media managers, web developers and brand journalists. They are backed by award-winning PR consultants with deep expertise in government, consumer, and corporate communications. We understand the challenges of communicating in an increasingly cluttered, complex media landscape. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive conversations around brand by tapping the power of earned, owned, shared and bought media.

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Australian Cyber Security Centre

Icon was appointed by the Australian Government in 2018 to design their annual awareness-raising campaign, Stay Smart Online Week. ‘Reverse the Threat’ set out to improve the cyber resilience of Australians. Working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s 1,400+ corporate and government partners, ‘Reverse the Threat’ saw major brands across Australia, including ANZ, Facebook and Netflix, reversing the colours out on their online platforms to draw attention to cybercrime and to share advice on safe online practice. Underpinned by an extensive PR and social media strategy, the campaign achieved a reach of 40 million+. 

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Brimbank City Counil

Brimbank City Council approached Icon Agency to deliver an integrated campaign and new brand piece for the city of Brimbank, to help attract Federal Governemnt investment and position Brimbank as a desirable destination. The ‘We are Brimbank’ campaign was developed through a close engagement between key local stakeholders and informed a engaging and emotive integrated new destination brand which has been warmly embraced by the Council and many in the community.

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Icon is a PR agency for digital era organisations. Multi-channel and multi-skilled, we're driven by a passion for original thinking that breaks new ground.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

In mid-2018, Icon Agency was appointed to run Australia’s national marketing and communications for Australia’s participation in the world’s largest trade and tourism expo, Expo2020 Dubai. Our strategy centres on a progressive build-up of activity and excitement leading to the opening of the Expo in October 2020. In 2019, the focus is on building domestic public support, broad awareness of Australia’s involvement and securing Expo partners. In 2020, the focus will shift to Dubai and the Middle East, with intensive PR, digital, social media, content and events forming the backbone of an integrated, multi-channel program. 

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North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) created the Immunise Melbourne campaign in 2015 to address low immunisation rates in its catchment. Icon Agency developed a strategic approach for the launch of the 2018 spring immunisation campaign. A digitally-led campaign was launched in August 2018 using paid media for top-down awareness supported by earned, owned and shared channel tactics to support greater uptake in vaccinations. The campaign delivered a combined media reach of 1.1m, with an overall increase in uptake of 1-2% in vaccinations recorded.

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NSW Farmers

Icon was appointed by NSW Farmers to launch a public awareness and public affairs campaign to help the farming community understand the impact of the proposed legislation on land reform. To galvanise public support, we created a campaign – #farmers4landreform – and implemented an integrated suite of stakeholder engagement, PR, paid advertising and social media tactics. The campaign had reach in excess of 7m people and was shortlisted for four awards, winning three Public Affairs Asia Gold Standard Awards.

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Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria engaged Icon Agency to create a public awareness and behaviour change campaign to support a forthcoming state-wide ban on electrical waste. The Icon team developed an innovative creative platform to inspire a new state-of-mind: ‘Take your e-waste to a better place’. Central to the campaign is a visually stunning video which takes Victorians on a fantastic journey of discovery. The campaign launched on 4 July 2018 and is being rolled out over three phases across TV, cinema, online, press, posters, social media and PR channels over the next 12 months leading up to the ban later in 2019.

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WorkSafe Victoria

In mid-2016, Icon redesigned WorkSafe Victoria’s key communications framework. This involved a ‘top-to-bottom’ strategic review of its media, corporate and stakeholder communications. Using an evidence-based strategic communications methodology, Icon created a roadmap to drive a more integrated approach to earned, owned, shared and paid media, which sought to connect improvements in external communications and media relations with corporate objectives. In the 12 months since Icon completed the report, WorkSafe has implemented many of the recommendations across the business.

Yarra Trams

In 2017, Yarra Trams appointed Icon Agency to create a behaviour change campaign to promote passenger safety, with the aim of reducing the number of serious falls. The Icon Creative team developed an inclusive, community-focused and proudly Melburnian central theme: ‘This is how we tram’. The campaign was segmented into three distinct phases that harnessed the reach of social media, outdoor, ambient and ‘guerrilla’ advertising, PR and earned media. The PR launch of the ‘This is how we tram’ campaign was covered across 20 print and online articles, with a total reach of 6.4 million. A 40% reduction in slips, trips and falls compared to the year previous was observed post-campaign. 

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